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Founded in 2015, SRAB FILMS is the result of the collaboration between Toufik Ayadi and Christophe Barral. Production tends to establish a relationship of trust and quality with its writer-directors, without sticking to a pre-defined editorial line.

Having previously produced more than twenty short films within Les Films du Worso, a special attention is paid to the accompaniment from the short to the feature film.


Srab Films has thus been able to support several authors in the production of their first feature film, both fiction and documentary, such as Julien Guetta, Vincent Maël Cardona, Nadège Loiseau, Hugo Sobelman, Alice Diop, Ladj Ly, Dominique Baumard...


The company is currently developing several projects, while diversifying outside cinema (series, single-player) and beyond our borders (co-productions with Morocco, Colombia, Canada and Germany).

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