SRAB FILMS, set up in 2015 as a result of the collaboration between Toufik Ayadi and Christophe Barral, seeks to build relationships with its authors-directors based on trust and best practice. The experience of producing over twenty short films while with FILMS du WORSO is reflected in the special attention given to the production of films from shorts to full-lengths.


The movie « Le petit Locataire » by Nadege Loiseau, released on 16 November 2016, was SRAB Films’ first full length film, a co-production of Les films du Worso, France 2 Cinema and Rhones-Alpes Cinema, and distributed by Diaphana Distributions.


The company is also executive producer of the television film « Le Gros Metrage » by Jules-Edouard Moustic and Benoit Delepine, broadcast by Canal + on 19 December 2015.


Then came « La Vie de Château » by Modi Barry and Cedric Ido, released on 9 August 2017. The film is a co-production with One World and is a Happiness distribution. MK2 handles international sales.


« Roulez Jeunesse » by Julien Guetta with Eric Judor, released on 25 July 2018, co-produced by Rectangle Productions, 4 Mecs en Baskets and France 2, and distributed by Le Pacte.


Ladj Ly’s first full length film « Les Miserables » was filmed in 2018. Adapted from her eponymous short that was nominated at the Cesars 2018, the movie was selected at Cannes International Film Festival and won the Jury Prize. It will be released in France by Le Pacte and the international sales are handled by Wild Bunch.


In December, the columbian director Franco Lolli finished the filming of his second film, « Litigante » co-produced with Les Films du Worso and Evidencia Films. This project continues the collaboration that began with the short film “Rodri”, presented at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at Cannes in 2012.


For 2019, SRAB FILMS has a number of production projects under consideration, including “Trois fois rien” by Nadège Loiseau, “Saint Omer”by Alice Diop and “Les Magnétiques”by Vincent Cardona.

The documentary “Africa Mia, the fabulous history of the Maravillas of Mali” directed by Richard Minier and Edouard Salier was co-produced with Universal Music France - Division Off Productions and Heavy Surf. Distributed by New Story and sold internationally by Charades, the film will hit theaters on September 16, 2020.